Disaster Relief

In emergencies animals get left behind for many reasons, it is our mission to rescue them, keep them safe and reunite each of them with their owners.

During disasters we set up evacuation teams and an emergency hotline to receive stress calls for animals in need of rescue. With information provided by the owners, we push past blockades with trailers in tow to get to their homes so we can safely rescue the animals stranded. We provide relief aid, temporary housing, food, supplies and transport while the families process their next moves; pulling every resource we can. Once mandatory evacuations are lifted, we reunite the animals with their families and help them to move forward in recovery.

Woolsey - Malibu Fire

November 2018

“Some of the animals we liberated from the fire zone are being tended to by volunteers at Love Always Sanctuary. It is amazing, the way in crisis how people come together. And the way the human heart works to reach out and help one another.

Everyday we had an out pouring of volunteers. People who risked their lives to push with us into the pass. Some who brought food, others that donated their time to feed and tend to the displaced animals.

As evacuation mandates are being lifted, we are working on returning the fire rescues back to families. I cannot even express the gratitude we owe to LAPD, the Sheriff Department, Search & Rescue, and LAFD. Who escorted our teams to individual locations, and came with us so we could evacuate animals.

We pulled out hundreds of at risk animals - who almost died as we pushed under fallen electrical lines, and went into smoldering buildings.”

Nebraska Floods - Omaha, NE

March 2019

“It was a long past few days.

The devastation left by the flooding, the sight itself was heart breaking. We rescued where rescue was needed. Helped horses and cows find refuge and safety. Passed out food and supplies. Treated those that were wounded.

There were entire towns that were submerged. A sadness that stood there unspoken - from what families lost, and the countless of animals whose breath were taken. In chaos, it is amazing to see the love. Communities helping other communities, and people rallying to support those in suffering.

Thank you to everyone who gave and donated. Who was boots on the ground. Who opened their homes to people that lost theirs. Who sacrificed to liberate and pull animals, freeing them from dying.”

Skirball / Thomas - Los Angeles Fire

December 2017

“We spent the last few days responding to emergency calls for help. Families that left their pets during the evacuations, and could not take them. We went into homes in the Los Angeles Skirball and Ojai Creek area. Rescuing cats and dogs - reuniting them with owners.

In the Creek Pass, we drove through road blocks to get to homes where animals were threatened. Saw residences that were entirely burned, with a few of the homes we went to, damaged by the fire.

While most of the calls were for dogs and cats. Some were for pigs and chickens. Tortoises. Birds that were left. A mini pony. Iguana. We even rescued the fish.

Thank you to the thousands of different individuals who shared our emergency response post. And got the word out to the families who needed it. Our thoughts to those that lost everything. And to the animals that in the end did not make it.”

Harvey - Houston Hurricane

September 2017

“We spent the last few days doing search and rescue. Pushing into flooded regions. Watching whole communities drowned and submersed in water.

In Beaumont the flooding pushed past the roofs of houses. Some of the animals that were left had been rescued, but most drowned in rising water. One lady lost all twelve of her animals. When rescue arrived, her dogs and horse were dead - submersed in water.

We did all we could to help. Went on over thirty runs to different locations. Safety alerts were issued due to contamination, hostile confrontation, and pathogens.

To the people that lost everything in Houston, my heart to you and your family. May you find the strength to move forward and rebuild.”


Be Prepared For An Emergency

When disaster strikes there are only moments to act. Have a disaster plan to be as prepared as you can

The two most important things you must always plan on are

1. How to get your animals to safety

  • Have a trailer and vehicle that can tow on site

  • Do test runs in the event of an emergency so you can work out any kinks to your plan

  • Have an emergency prepared kit with food, supplies and necessities

2. Where to take them

  • Consider where you can take your animals for short/long term holding

  • Make sure this location can cater to what each of your animals need

Above all else, please evacuate your animals while there is still time. If you are given any amount of time to do so then please give or arrange safe transport for your animals before putting them in a stressful situation and environment.