Our Adoption Process

Be a forever home & family for the rescued…

We want only the best for our dogs and their new adopted families, so we created a thorough process to ensure each dog is placed into the most compatible home. We approve each application on a first come - best suited basis, holding each adopter to the same level of care and commitment for their new family member as we would ourselves.

We also offer a Foster Program, which mirrors our Adoption Process, giving a temporary home for the ones that need recovery, special care and/or are better suited in a different environment.




General Information

Donation Amounts

$350 - Local Abuse/Neglect dogs

$400 - Local Abuse/Neglect puppies under 1 year

$450 - Dog Meat Trade dogs

$500 - Dog Meat Trade puppies under 1 year

*Some breeds are a higher amount - please inquire for details

This is a tax exempt donation made in Honor of each rescue. The donation will be returned if the dog is returned before the end of the 7 day trial. If opt to forgo the 7 day trial, the donation is final. *The donation can be made by cash, check, card, PayPal or Venmo. Checks will be cashed on the 8th day once the trial is closed.*

Health Requirements

All of the dogs will be spayed / neutered, micro-chipped and current on DHPP and Rabies Vaccines before adoption is final.

Foster Program

If you enter into our Foster Program then you agree to temporarily home one of our dogs and promise to uphold their care to our standards. We require you to check in with us during the process and update on health issues/concerns, personality, likes and dislikes, problem traits, if they have been house broken, good on a leash, know tricks, scared of anything, energy level, etc.

You are not financially responsible being a foster - We will provide any necessary supplies needed each week, including food. You are responsible for getting the dog to and from the vet or coordinating with us for pick up and drop off at our Rescue.

Once we deem the dog adoption ready, the foster will be given a 7 day trial to decide if they would like to adopt or not. If not, then the dog is to be at 1 adoption event each month while waiting for their forever home.


The Steps for Adopting

  1. Find a dog you love on our website, PetFinder and/or at our Rescue

  2. Fill out an Adoption Application *Do not forget to email pictures of your home - instructions prompted after you have submitted the application below*

  3. If your application is approved, one of our trusted Volunteers will preform a home-check

  4. Once the home-check has been conducted, we will do a Meet&Greet between you and the dog at our Rescue. If you have a dog(s) then we will perform a private Meet&Greet between the dogs to be sure they all get along. *We can also temperament test the dog with cats and children*

  5. Next comes the Foster-to-Adopt Trial week where you foster for 7 days to be sure this is the right home and you are the right fit

  6. On the 8th day, after signing the adoption agreement, the adoption closes and the dog is officially in their forever home


Adoption and Foster Application

Must be 21+ to apply

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What Are Their Ages?
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What Are Their Ages?
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Do You *
If You Rent Or Have An HOA, Can You Have A Dog In Your Home? *
Please list restrictions should there be any. Prior to adopting, please be prepared to show a copy of your rental or HOA policy or written confirmation that you are allowed to have a dog
i.e. Dog walker, potty pee pads, crating, etc.
Do You Currently Have Pets In Your Home? *
Including type, breed, age and how long you have owned
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Age, size, fur type, energy level, personality, etc.
Apart From Quality Or End Life Decisions, Would You Euthanize Your Dog Due To High Vet Bills? *
i.e. You become sick and are unable to care for yourself?
Have You Ever Been Turned Down From A Rescue Group Or Turned A Dog Into A Shelter? *
i.e. Explain how you would handle, teeth cleaning, diet, fleas/ticks, how often you'll take the dog to the vet for check ups and vaccines, etc.
I understand that Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation is a non-profit organization that rescues severely neglected and abused animals which is why the tax exempt adoption donation starts at $350 for local dogs and $450 for overseas dogs. *
I understand that Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation has the right to deny any applicant and /or reclaim the pet that is in my home should the information I have provided be misrepresented. *
I understand that Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation cannot guarantee any animals against parasites, diseases or destructive behavior. If I adopt a dog from AHWF I will not hold them responsible, nor seek any compensation for damages, medical fees or other liabilities incurred by the pet I adopt. *

*We reserve the right to deny any adoption/foster applicant.