We can always use an extra hand with our Rescue’s daily operations. If you would like to get involved, we have plenty of opportunities each day for you to help. Become a part of our team and help us spread awareness, care for the dogs, create laws for animal rights, educate the youth and rescue abused and neglected animals. It is a great opportunity to learn about our Foundation and see firsthand what we do - Lend a helping hand and make a difference.

To become an Animal Hope and Wellness Volunteer please fill out the registration form below to be approved and schedule an orientation date - which is by appointment only.


The motto we embrace for our volunteers is the sky is the limit. However you would like to be involved and raise awareness for us is more than welcomed. Whether it is inviting us to your school to educate your peers and start a donation drive for supplies we need at the Rescue to getting your friends together for your art show that benefits our cause - we are more than happy to join and to help. We promote and educate cruelty free, love and compassion towards animals and people.

We encourage you to do what makes you happy and to ask us to be involved. *If you have an questions or ideas please fill out the contact form on our Contact page.

Age Requirements:

Ages 13-16 must volunteer with a parent *Both the child and parent or guardian must complete all forms, orientation and remain together while on site at our Rescue or at any off-site event

Ages 16-18 volunteers can help around the Rescue and off-site events with a parent or guardian’s consent *Not allowed to walk dogs without a parent or guardian present

Ages 18+ Can do all tasks around the Rescue and off-site events


Volunteer Opportunities

Available seven days a week

Rescue Shifts

Lend the staff a helping hand with walking, feeding, bathing and cleaning up after the dogs.

Most Needed Daily:

7-11am and 3-7pm


Help transport the dogs from the airport, vet appointments, events and grooming


Conduct a home check for a potential adopter or foster


Help coordinate and assist at scheduled adoption and educational on-site and off-site events

Search & Rescue

Now and again a dog gets loose, when this happens we ask for help to find the dog and get him/her home safe and sound. *Any time of day or night*

Social Media

Provide your graphic design skills and social media expertise to all our media and material

Disaster Relief

Assist us when a natural disaster strikes - provide a trailer, a safe home, donate needed supplies

Volunteer Registration Form

Name *
Address *
Phone *
How old are you? *
Are you logging school hours? *
Interested in *
Check all that apply
I acknowledge that I have not been charged for animal cruelty or neglect *
I acknowledge that I have not been convicted of a crime that would affect me volunteering for a non-profit organization *

*All Volunteers must complete the registration form and attend an orientation in order to participate


Upcoming Events for September

Sunday the 1st: Healthy Spot Adoption Event 1pm-4pm

Friday the 13th: March of Silence 10am-7pm

Saturday the 14th: Pet Food Express Adoption Event 11am-4pm

Sunday the 15th: Pet Food Express Adoption Event 11am-4pm

Saturday the 28th: Coldwell Banker Adoption Event 10am-4pm