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She was hooked on meth…


She ingested crystal meth. Was admitted to the hospital, where it was determined she was addicted amphetamines.

The first three nights after being rescued she did not sleep. Shook uncontrollably, and bit through the carrier as she was transported between vets.

While it has taken time to rehab her, she is finally well and fully ready. Still twitchy and timid - she is sweet and loyal, learning how to trust again. While each rescue takes a special place in our hearts, she has stolen ours forever. The way they pull themselves out of the dark...

Second chances. Hope. And the promise of a better tomorrow.

We are so happy we have the opportunity to have such a special pup named Xiao Hua. Her story is what makes her so special because she has overcame all her obstacles. It was such an easy & wonderful process at the rescue. Highly recommend this rescue to anyone looking for a loving new family member!
— Brittany Paffrath

He Broke Both Her Legs… 

Her name is Bruna, she was rescued from the desert - taken from a man that broke her legs. We are currently in the process of attempting to rescue the remaining dogs he has in possession. Some have been shot with pellets. Others ran over with his car, and intentionally hurt by him.
We were notified about the situation by Bella Vita Rescue, who has worked courageously to try to take dogs away from him. Currently he has a number of Shepards and Chihuahuas on his property, most suffering from health issues, overt abuse, and starvation.
This week in partnership with Bella Vita Rescue we will attempt a rescue, rent a trailer - and bring the surviving dogs back to the foundation in Sherman Oaks. At the moment we are at capacity, and will need help from local groups to take dogs. Most are medically in need, with open wounds from pellet guns, as well as burns and other lacerations.

Tiger and Margot’s Family

“Tiger and Margo are truly a blessing to our lives! They came into our lives at just the right time. And from day one have loved us completely. They are gentle, sweet, loving - to us and each other., hilarious and the best dogs anyone could dream of! The joy, laughter, peace and love they bring to our home is indescribable. We are so thankful to AHWF for all they have done - for Tiger and Margo, for us AND for thousands of other dogs and families.”

— Jason and Kimberly Parker

Foxington and Jynx’s Family

“Foxington and Jynx have entered our lives providing our home with solace, entertainment, and more love than we can imagine. Each day is different and we are constantly reminded that it’s not where, but who you’re with that really matters. Fox is handsome, independent and predictable. Jynx is curious, stubborn, and generous with her love but the one thing they have in common is their admiration for each other and treats. We are beyond grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Animal Hope and Wellness. Doing so has changed our lives forever.”

— Brittney Hildebrand